Coffee Consulting

We can help you get started.


Need help planning and setting up your coffee shop? 

We have experienced coffee consultants who can work with you in setting up your specialty cafe. From mobile cafes to coffee carts to fully decked out cafes, we can provide you with the latest industry advice, insights and know-how to ensure you are on the right track in your coffee business. Our specialists can provide advice on:

  • Specialty Coffee selection and pricing
  • Coffee equipment and set up 
  • Design and Flow of your coffee workstation
  • Specialty Barista Training 

From planning to opening your doors, our consultant will guide you  every step of the way -  setting up the foundations of running your coffee operations smoothly and ensuring you are providing your customers the best coffee experience.  

In addition, our consultants know the Brisbane specialty coffee market well and can advise on coffee selection, coffee menu and presentation. Contact us to learn more.

Our Founder, Ian Abadiano shares his tips on Starting your cafe - the Coffee Mentality way