Home Grown Beans

In 2016, we started growing a dozen coffee trees in our home backyard in Sunnybank Hills, just 20 minutes’ drive from the Brisbane CBD. We tested the quality of our home grown beans in the = Golden Bean Roasters Competition against 1,200 roasters from across Australia and New Zealand, and won Silver.

What does specialty mean?

The Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) is a group of coffee experts who grade beans by their quality and flavour. Each coffee is scored 1 - 100, where anything over 80 is classed as speciality. Our coffee is graded above 80, and even awarded a Silver and Bronze medal at the Golden Bean Roasters competition in 2019, the largest coffee roasting competition in the world.

Know more?

We are environmentally conscious

We are pioneering urban farming in Brisbane and Australia

Home Grown Beans

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Why Coffee Mentalit

We know and are passionate about coffee

  • We know and are passionate about coffee
  • We value the idea of collaboration with other small business
  • We believe in supporting passionate young business starters.
  • We value the idea of free coffee education
  • We are advocate for coffee – we grow Coffee, we roast, we brew, and enjoy advocating for Coffee
  • We pride on our award winning specialty coffee