Coffee Subscription

Straight from the coffee roaster to you ...

A coffee subscription means you’ll never run out of coffee at home or in the office. Simply sign up for a Coffee Mentality subscription and get our award-winning, freshly roasted 100% arabica beans automatically delivered to you weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Free delivery on orders*, cancel anytime. 

Select grind preferenceWeekly, monthly, fortnightlyPause or cancel anytime

Our coffee subscription ships Australia wide and is perfect for your home or work coffee needs. Our coffee bean subscriptions can be set to weekly, fortnightly or monthly and you can specify the type of grind to suit your equipment including domestic espresso machine, filter, plunger, aeropress or stovetop. Or you can simply order any of our blends as whole beans.

Available in one kilo and 500 grams, you can mix and match from any of our five specialty blends. Coffee Mentality’s coffee subscriptions are flexible, affordable and the best way to enjoy coffee at its maximum freshness anywhere in Australia!

Choose your coffee subscription blend

  • GUSTATORY Subscription

    $27.00 / week$45.00 / month

    Our signature blend (Golden Bean 2019 & 2020 winner). Perfect for all milk-based and black coffees. Medium-bodied with soft acidity, featuring nutty, chocolate tones and hints of caramel and raisin. Our most awarded blend.

  • CEREBRUM Subscription

    $27.00 / week$45.00 / month

    A brilliant blend for espresso, caffè latte and macchiato. Invigorates the senses with a bold combination of malt and cocoa flavours and subtle acidity. Works equally well with all machines, drip, filter or French press.

  • OLFACTORY Subscription

    $29.00 / week$47.00 / month

    The floral aroma of this medium-bodied coffee blends seamlessly with gentle undertones of citrus and tropical fruits. At its very best in milk-based filter coffees.

  • LIMBIC Subscription

    $31.00 / week$49.00 / month


    A unique seasonal blend created from the best Ethiopian and Peruvian beans. Use a filter and add milk to fully appreciate its flavour and balance.

  • TRANQUILLUM (Decaffeinated) Subscription

    $28.00 / week$46.50 / month

    A unique non-chemical process called the ‘Mountain Water Process’ allows us to decaffeinate our beans before roasting while retaining their full flavour and complex aroma. The Mountain Water Process is patented and is organically certified in accordance with the regulations of OCIA, NOP and JAS. It is also Kosher certified.


*Free delivery for orders within 20 kms of Brisbane CBD, and for all orders over 2kg Australia-wide.