Barista Training

Coffee Mentality offers Barista Training and Coffee Courses in Brisbane, designed for specialty coffee

The Foundation Barista Training course,  Pour Over, and Latte Art course will suit both professional baristas and home coffee enthusiasts, taught in a real cafe environment at our East Brisbane store.

We also offer gift cards for our barista training.

Foundation Barista Training in Brisbane

Cost: $300

Duration: 3.5 - 4 hours

Developed by Baristas for Baristas, this barista training course is taught in a real cafe environment, with up to 4 students per session. Most importantly, we can tailor the session to suit your needs - whether you're looking to up your coffee making skills at home, securing your first barista job or perfecting your latte art.

The Coffee Mentality Barista training course is your perfect entree to the world of coffee making, and get you started working as a specialty coffee barista. Our Foundation course is designed for:

  • Anyone seeking to learn coffee making using an espresso machine (no prior knowledge required)
  • Cafe all-rounders & beginner baristas
  • Coffee enthusiasts
  • Team Building exercise

At the completion of the course, you will:

  • Gain knowledge of coffee production (from planting to processing to production)
  • Learn how to operate a commercial coffee machine and its maintenance (dialing in coffee, texturing milk, managing barista equipment).
  • Make specialty coffee and know the difference between a flat white, latte, espresso, etc

Location: Coffee Mentality East Brisbane, 3/915 Stanley St, East Brisbane. Free Parking available.

Barista training sessions are scheduled during the week from 1pm to 5pm. Please complete an enquiry form before making a booking

Pour Over Training

Pour over or filter brewing course is for baristas or anyone interested to learn more about alternative (manual) brewing.

The one and a half hour session will provide both theory and technique using pour over.

Learning to do pour over will be an excellent addition to your barista skills as more cafes are introducing single origin options to their specialty coffee menus.  Filter brewing is an ideal method to taste the intricate flavours of  single origin coffee. The session will also provide a brief introduction to single origin coffee and traceability to a single farm or producer and how to get the most of these beans.

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Latte art

Latte Art Courses

**Recommended for those who have completed basic Barista or Foundation course**

Our milk texturing and latte art course is for baristas or home enthusiasts wishing to level up their latte art.

The latte art course is designed as a private coaching session, capped at only two people per class. Given your background in coffee making, your barista trainer will hone in on your milk texturing and pouring skills. The practical nature of the latte art course will have you texturing silky smooth milk and pouring the perfect latte art at the end of the course.

The two hour session will cover:

  • Milk texturing
  • Pouring techniques
  • Latte art techniques – starting with tulips, rosettas to swans and seahorses, depending on skill level.  
  • Mug versus glass pouring 


At Coffee Mentality, we have a different mentality to our approach to coffee education. Our barista training is grounded in four fundamentals to give you a headstart in your coffee journey.

- Passion for Coffee Knowledge
- Real Cafe Experience
- Supportive Environment
- Small Group Training

In addition, our barista training courses will focus on the three Ps of coffee-making: Preparation, Process and Presentation.

Preparation – we will firstly gauge your interest in undertaking the course, learning objectives and assess your skill level in tailoring the session to help you achieve your goal.

A brief overview of the farm to cup process will be covered – from how coffee is grown, processed and produced and the different brewing methods.

Process – the technical component of the session where the magic begins to happen, and the puzzle pieces start to fall into place. This will be your opportunity to put your barista skills to the test; practical and hands-on part of the course where you get to work on a commercial machine or domestic machine (depending on your interest) . We will get you up to speed on dosing, tamping, extractions, shots, texturing milk, pouring and efficiency. The barista training course will be taught by experienced baristas who can provide not just the technical skills but the soft skills that are equally in demand in getting you 'cafe ready'. Being able to converse and build good relations with customers while on the job is important, as well as being able to work as a team and know your role in the process particularly if you choose to work in a fast paced, high volume coffee shop.

Presentation – as the course is being taught in a real cafe environment, you will learn how specialty coffee is served, be it espresso-based or pour over. Knowing which cups to use for which beverages and overall presentation is all part of delivering great customer experience.

All course participants will have the option to be part of the Coffee Mentality network, where you will be invited to our community events such as coffee planting and harvesting through the Urban coffee project.