Cold Brew

Introducing our range of specialty cold brews


Here at Coffee Mentality, we have spent some time in perfecting our cold brew offerings made from locally roasted 100% specialty grade arabica beans.

We are pleased to introduce our 330ml glass bottled cold brews, filtered for at least 16 hours to produce a smooth and fruity flavour that can be enjoyed on its own or with milk.

Our traditional cold brew is darker in colour made from our seasonal Limbic blend.

The ‘Clear Brew‘ is  an Australian first, lighter in colour, and has a tea-like fruity and floral taste made from single origin coffee. 

Whether you choose cold brew or clear brew, no doubt you will enjoy the same refreshing taste, with the caffeine kick you'd get from a long black to keep you energised throughout the day.  

Available at all our stores - limited supply. We also welcome wholesale enquiries.

Cold Brew


- Brewed 16-22 hours

- Low acidity & bitterness

- Coffee Mentality 'Limbic' Blend

- Shelf life of 3 weeks

- Available regularly

No sugar, no artificial flavour, no additives

Clear Brew


- Twice filtered

- Single Origin coffee

- Stain free

- Fruity & Aromatic

- Low acidity & bitterness

- Seasonal

No sugar, no artificial flavour, no additives