Latte Art Courses

A Latte Art course tailored just for you  

Designed as a private session for existing baristas or coffee enthusiasts, our latte art course will only cater for up to two people per class to ensure you are able to master the fundamentals of latte art in no time.

From classic latte art designs of heart and rosetta, to the more advanced swan and seahorse, our hands-on latte art course will provide the necessary techniques on texturing milk and pouring to level up your latte art designs.  Our experienced latte artist will take you through an exciting 2 hour session of free pouring in one of our stores.

We also offer gift cards for our latte art course.

Latte Art Course Details

Cost: $250.00

Duration: 2 hours

This latte art training course will be taught in a real cafe environment, typically as a one-on-one session.  This will ensure the session is tailored to your needs and skill level in milk texturing and pouring techniques.

In latte art, it is important to master the fundamentals; this comes with having solid barista skills in being able to pull a good espresso shot and steaming and texturing milk to silky smooth.  It is therefore suggested that you would have completed foundation barista course or been working with coffee already.

**Recommended for those who have completed basic Barista Training or Foundation course**

Our latte artist will take you through pattern definition, symmetry in creating latte art. A technique called free pouring will be explored as this is the key to a good latte art where the design is created by pouring milk from the jug, being aware of height and moving the jug to combine the milk crema and create many patterns.  

The 2 hour session will cover:

  • Milk texturing
  • Pouring techniques
  • Latte art techniques – starting with tulips, rosettas to more swans and seahorses, depending on skill level.  
  • Mug vs glass pouring 

At the end of the latte art course, it is our aim that you walk away knowing the fundamentals of milk texturing and what it takes to produce professional latte art. 

Our sessions are held in the afternoons during the week, from 2.3opm onwards.

Please complete an enquiry form before booking a session.